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Shenzhen is the fifth largest city in china, with 10,358,400 citizens.
It is considered as one of the largest high-tech centers in the world, has one of the fastest growth in the world (x50 in 40 years!) and it has one of China’s biggest and most busy ports.

After staying there for a week, I find Shenzhen a crazy, high-paced, colorful and fascinating. I have never been in such a crowded city, visiting the train station almost gave me a heart attack, and a short look at the city’s sky scrapers was enough to get me a bit dizzy, BUT – along side with this city’d craziness, I could also find beautiful city escapes of nature, big parks, lakes and green views, and that what makes Shenzhen so special to me.

Shenzhen – Weather

If you were looking for an always hot tropical weather destination – Welcome to Shenzhen!
The average temperature in Shenzhen is 23.7 degrees.
In the summer (that lasts for 6 months!) the temperature can reach 38 degrees, and in the winter it’s around 14-21 degrees.
The average humidity % in Shenzhen stands on 72.3%, meaning- you are about to sweat. A lot.

Recommended hotels in Shenzhen

Huaqiang Plaza Hotel

A great 4 stars hotel, located in the heart of one of Shenzhen’s biggest and coolest shopping centers, full of electronic stores, tall buildings and restaurant.
A standard room costs 120$ per night.
Address:  No.1019, Huaqiang North Rd, Futian Dist, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, 518028
Huaqiang Plaza Hotel

The Langham, Shenzhen

A beautiful, luxurious hotel. Great for families.
The hotels offers spa services, a gym, 2 pools and 5 restaurants.
Great brakfast.
For availability Click Here.

Marco Polo Shenzhen

A very nice and recommended hotel.
Modern style decorated, with a swimming pool and a gym.
Great location- 5 minutes walking from the train station – Shopping Park.
The hotel offers a bar, lounge, Japanese restaurant and a lovely Café.
For availability Click Here.

Top Things to do in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is full of cool things to do and places to see, here are the top ones:

Ping An Finance Centre

A super tall building, with an amazing 360 view floor on the 116 floor (540 meters).
Ticket price: 200 Chinese Yuan (30 USD)
Address: Futian CBD, Futian District, Shenzhen, China
Ping An Finance Centre

Lizhi Park

This beautiful park is one of Shenzhen’s oldest park, and it’s named after the many (more than 500) Lychee trees that are decorating it.
It is also the perfect place to see the meeting point between nature and Shenzhen’s stunning urbanity.
Address: 1001 Hongling Middle Rd, Cai Wu Wei, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
Lizhi Park

Dongmen Market

It’s time for SHOPPING IN SHENZHEN! Woohoo!
This huge shopping center, AKA Dongmen Pedestrian Street, is a vibrant street, full of market stands, stores, Cafés, street food sands and restaurants. Some of the stores are along the streets, and some are within the buildings, with -7 floors, and 10 floors up!
This place’s downside is that it is always full of people, and as I’ve mentioned before- it’s hot and humid in Shenzhen,
Address: Pedestrian St, Dongmen, Shenzhen, Luohu District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
Dongmen Market

Window of the World

This theme park is a great place to visit with children, but adults will also find it special and fascinating.

The park is located in located in the western part of Shenzhen, and it has more than 130 reproductions of well-known and beloved tourist attractions in the world, like the Taj Mahal, Niagara Falls and The Eiffel Tower.
In addition to the impressive structures, The park offers folklore performances and plays for children, included in the ticket’s price.

The park is open from Monday-Friday between 09:00-22:00, and on weekend and holidays until 22:30.
Ticket price: 220 Chinese Yuan (32 USD)
Address: Shi Jie Zhi ChuangHua Qiao Cheng, Nanshan Qu, Shenzhen Shi, China
Window of the World

Lianhuashan Park

A beautiful urban park in the northern end of the Futian Central Business.
The park covers an area of 150 hectares.
Address: 6030 Hong Li Lu, Fu Tian C B D, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China
Lianhuashan Park

Chinese food – Foodie’s recommendations

If there’s one thing that I really love to discover and try while I travel- it’s food!
The Chinese cuisine in very broad, from dishes that we all know like Dim sum, egg roll and noodles, to unique (and sometimes bizrre) food, and I won’t say a word about COVID 19.

As a foodie, I ate between 6-7 times a day, mostly Street Food.
One of my best culinary experiences in China was the HOT POT.

HOT POT is a very popular meal in China. The concept is this: you order raw products (fish, vegetables, sea-food, meat…) and each person can cook it’s own meal on a big soup-pot, centered on the table, heated up during the whole meal.
We’ve tried a spicy soup and a corn soup that was a bit sweet- both are great!
We’ve ordered live sirloin, white fish, calamari, gelatinous blood sausage, beef meat and strips made of soybeans and black beans.
A meal like this will cost between 80-120 Chinese Yuan (12-18 USD) per person.

HOT POT china

Recommended HOT POT restaurants in Shenzhen:

1. Haidilao Hot Pot (YouYi Cheng)
Address: Youyicheng, No.63 Youyi Road, Luohu District
2. DaLiang MuMiZhou
No.4025 Jiabing Road, Luohu District‬ 2nd Floor
3. Run Yuan SiJi (HuaQiaoCheng)
NanShan District HuaQiao Cheng DongBu ShiChang 4 Floor

Other than HOT POT – my main recommendation ill always be- Street Food!
Did you see something interesting? Try it!
Recommended HOT POT restaurants

Night Life

Like every big city, Shenzhen’s night life is pretty crazy, full of bars and parties.
Wanna know where is the place to be?
Ask a young, local person, for a recommendation and just do with it.

Local Markets

Shenzhen’s most amazing gems are places you can’t find on Google Local Guides or TripAdviser. It’s the authentic, non-touristic places, like the local markets.
I found Shenzhen’s markets extremely fascinating, full of new smells and products that I have never seen in my life.
My tip for you- allow yourself to just get lost in the city, and let your heart and feet lead you to new places.
Local Markets

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