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TLV Culinary Trip #2

My last post about the best bars, restaurants and cocktail bars in the culinary city of the world went so well, that I had to write another one, and here it is, shiny and yummy, just for you ?

Igra Rama

In my opinion- one of the best restaurants in Tel-Aviv.
The concept is “Farm to Table”, and the quality of the products is super high. Every morning, one of the owners goes to collect the best fruits, vegetables and fish, to make sure that only the best of the best meets your plate.
Te dishes are quite small, super fresh and oh so tasty!
All the products are from Israel, including the wine and beer selection.
I loved EVERYTHING we tried, from fresh salad to calamari, Sashimi and the best potato I ate in my life (!)

Address: Brenner St 2, Tel Aviv

Ultra Cocktail Bar

it’s a cocktail bar of my favorite genre- A “hidden” bar within a hotel.
This one offers some really great (and strong!) cocktails, and a special Molecular cocktail night once a month- Don’t miss out this awesome experience!

Address: HaYarkon St 78, Tel Aviv

Ultra Hotel Breakfast

Located only few steps from the beach, this awesome bar becomes a lovely breakfast place in the morning.
Full of light, buffet style, just grab a friend, sun screen and a smile and start your day at the beach with this great breakfast.

Address: HaYarkon St 78, Tel Aviv


A stunning new Asian Bar in Rothschild Blvd.
Beautifully designed, the food id great, the atmosphere is electrifying, with live DJ, 2 bars and beautiful people.
The cocktails looks basic, but very good and sophisticated.
The food is really good, fresh and beautifully served. I highly recommend to try at least one plate of Sashimi.

Address: Rothschild Blvd 24, Tel Aviv

Cafe Alma

A lovely and cozy Café in Basel (Old North).
The breakfast is full of perfect little details, and everything is very yummy.
The service in Cafe Alma is really good, and that’s something that I appreciate. Smiling staff, good vibes and GREAT coffee.

Address: Ashtori HaFarhi St 20, Tel Aviv

Yulia TLV

This great restaurant, located in TLV port with a beautiful view to the sea, is the perfect place for a romantic date or a family lunch \ dinner.
The food is really good, with big portions and very high level.
Try to get there for a great lunch menu.
Sunset time is also very recommended.

Address: 2 האנגר, נמל ת”א, Rehov Yorde Hsira 1, Tel AvivYulia TLV


Best rooftop in TLV!
I really love this bar, located on the roof in the 10th floor in center Tel-Aviv, because it offers the full package- yummy and original cocktails, great food, amazing service, good vibes and fun music, and a gorgeous rooftop with a beautiful view on TLV.
I highly recommend this place for celebrating life and special occasions.

Address: Se’adya Ga’on St 24, Tel Aviv-Yafo


An awesome food stand in the culinary market “Shuk Tzafon”.
Here you can find GREAT Ramen and Asian dishes, and if you like spicy- don’t miss the Spicy Miso.
I also LOVED the very rich and tasty Tabesaki Ramen, and for the vegetarians this place offers the veg version – Saishoko Ramen.

Address: Raoul Wallenberg St 20, Tel Aviv


Shishko’s Saturday drunk brunch is one of the best things that happened to me lately.
The brunch menu offers great cocktails, amazing happy dishes (a divine Croque Madame served on a Belgian waffle, Cheesy sausage, lovely starters) and of course- shots that flows to your table like they were water, the one true
By the way, Do NOT miss Shishko’s famous Kebab!

Address: Har Sinai St 2, Tel Aviv-Yafo


After my trip in Japan 2 years ago, I came back with a mission- finding the ramen that makes you feel like you’re in Japan again. For 2 years I have failed, and could only find great Ramen that reminds the flavors of Japan in Berlin and Paris.
After hearing so much about it, I went to check if the hype around this little magical place, with endless queue is indeed justified, and I have found the BEST ramen in Israel. Hallelujah!
This little Ramen shop is open only 3 days a week (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and offers few dishes, each one is perfect in its own way.
My favorite was the beef and mushrooms Ramen – with a very rich taste and texture.

Address: Zevulun St 5, Tel Aviv-Yafo
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 17:00-23:00 or until the food is over.
No option to make a reservation.


This top Asian restaurant is located on the roof of “the Norman” hotel and it’s one og my favorite restaurants in the world.
Great cocktails, Genius dishes, well made and served, and the atmosphere is absolutely lovely.
I love it so much, that I can’t even recommend dishes from the menu, since every dish that you won’t try will be a small tragedy.
Foodies- take your favorite person there, and ask for the waiter’s recommendation based on your preferences.
Thank me later.

Address: Nachmani St 25, Tel Aviv


This magnificent Bar-Chef Restaurant is located in the heart of Lilienblum neighborhood, and offers 3 different spaces- The mysterious bar (PARTY), the blooming garden (CHILL), and the super fine and well designed restaurant (DINE).
Choose the space according to your mood.
The menu is very rich and diverse, and the Seafood risotto is exceptionally perfect, and the Saltwater Fish Sashimi is one of the best I’ve ever had!
Besides for the brilliant food and drinks – “Emesh” is all about the perfect Telavivian nightlife experience. The atmosphere is wonderful, from the beautiful design to the great music ant top standards.
“Emesh” also has a gallery for smaller events – up to 70 people.

Address: Lilienblum St 30, Tel Aviv


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